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Are You Buying or Selling A Home?

Buying or selling a home can be one of the most rewarding dealings made in a lifetime. Yet no matter how attractive a property may seem on the surface; achieving a complete understanding of its actual structural condition is crucial to the protection and security of your investment.

Why Are Real Estate Inspections Important?

Due to the fact that a buyer has already put in a significant amount of money into the process, why is hiring an independent inspector a wise choice? As mentioned above it is important so that one can make a more accurate assessment of the property and understand where improvements need to be made. But it is more than just that.

Real Estate Inspection Will Ensure Safety

Real estate inspections are also about the safety, for all parties involved. There are numerous conditions that we examine for health and safety. One of the main issues is homeowner wiring and plumbing. That normally leads to a safety problem. Even if the homeowner didn’t attempt any changes there are issues with discontinued and unsafe main panels, outdated wiring methods and material including knob and tube wiring and aluminum wiring. Most home buyers are not aware of these problems. Homes with installed discontinued and unsafe plumbing material present another common concern in Clark County.

All of the above issues can cause problems with reselling a dwelling and can disqualify a house with some lenders and insurance agencies.

There are many more potential health and safety problems that we at 1st Cascade Home Inspection LLC inspections often find. If they exist we will find them and you will know about it. Your investment and your safety will be well protected.

Home Inspections Will Save you Money

1st Cascade Home Inspection LLC has saved clients multiple thousands of dollars in needed home repairs. Repairs that the buyer would have had to pay for if there had not been a home inspection. Saving our clients from unwanted expenses and from dangerous health and safety problems is our priority.

1st Cascade Home Inspection LLC offers:

  • Residential home inspection
  • Pre-listing home inspection
  • Sewer Line Inspection
  • Radon Inspection

Inspection Reports – A Valuable Business Tool

1st Cascade Home Inspection LLC performs complete interior and exterior evaluations of residential properties. This includes detailed written reports for any damage or deficiency within the structure or operational systems, along with several clear digital pictures. Our inspection reviews function as valuable tools during a real estate transaction; they also offer a clear and effective blueprint for contractors.

We invite you to have a look at the rest of our website or contact us with any questions you may have.

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