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Air Quality Testing

Questions About Air Quality

• Could the air quality in my home be a source of serious health and safety concerns?

Health Problems Related to Air Quality Conditions:

CARBON MONOXIDE: The presence of carbon monoxide is very serious. All gas appliances ( gas furnace, gas water heater, gas fireplace, gas stove) have to be properly vented and should have no mechanical defects. A yearly technical inspection is important. Did you ever wonder why the gas water heater is on a stand 18 inches above the garage floor and why the water heater needs to be secured in place with metal straps? Improperly sealed gasoline storage containers in the garage can leak gasoline fumes. The fumes stay near the floor level. A gas water heater placed on the floor will have a burning pilot light at the same level as leaked gasoline fumes. A non strapped non secured gas water heater can fall over during an earthquake and create a natural gas leak.

Car engines should be shut off as soon as the car is parked in the garage. The garage should be well ventilated.

Carbon monoxide detectors are crucial safety tools to be installed in all homes.

NATURAL GAS: Natural gas is very dangerous. The gas can ignite. If the sulfur smell of rotten eggs is ever detected, the gas company should be called immediately. We test for gas leaks at visible valves and connections on the gas appliances.

RADON GAS: An increasing volume of studies has linked long term exposure of radon gas to major health problems such as lung cancer. Not all homes in Southwest Washington will have high levels of radon, but many do. The age of the dwelling has no influence on the presence of radon.

1st Cascade Home Inspection LLC can perform radon gas testing. Our radon test units produce a digital print of the radon levels in the home.

During home inspections we have found improperly installed radon gas venting installations in newer homes. This situation, of course is always addressed in our reports.

ASBESTOS: Asbestos can be found in older homes as asbestos siding material, asbestos in insulation, asbestos wrapped heat ducting, and asbestos in wall and ceiling textures. You will want to know if this material exists in a home you are planning to purchase. Vermiculite insulation also can cause the same health problems as asbestos. 1st Cascade Home Inspection LLC will report any found asbestos or vermiculite in the home.

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